Over the course of planning for this trip to Hong Kong, I learned a lot about random stuff in Hong Kong. I thought I’d share them since they were tips given to me by friends, internet, etc.

Hong Kong has a lot of really fancy hotels. But since The BF are not high rollers, we’re going to be staying at a friend’s place for most of the time. However, we will be staying 2 nights at two different hotels for different reasons and convenience’s sake.

Of course there are other hotels in different price ranges, but I thought I’d share some examples of the different price ranges you can go with.

Different types/levels of hotels in Hong Kong:

1. USA Hostel: We arrive in Hong Kong in the middle of the night, so we decided to find a place to crash for the night since our friend lives fairly far. USA Hostel also has private hotel rooms for a mere $60 a night. I don’t expect it to be fancy for the price we paid, but it’ll serve it’s purpose.


2. YMCA of Hong Kong: We’re not booked at the YMCA, but I was tipped off that Hong Kong’s YMCA is not like the YMCA we’re use to in the US. In fact, their hotel rooms can be considered budget (although not as budget as USA Hostel) for $150 a night. It’s located on a prime location and their Harbour View rooms are suppose to have an absolutely gorgeous view of the harbor.


3. W Hong Kong Hotel: It’s no secret that The BF and I love Starwood. For New Years Eve, we’ll be staying at the W. Realistically, we only paid $60 and used up a lot of points to get this room, but it’s definitely a pretty penny if we were to pay for it in full.

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