I subscribe to A LOT of magazines. I just love getting the most up to date information about “this and that”. Not surprisingly, I subscribe to a lot of travel magazines, too. I thought I’d share a little about the different ones I get.

A Review of Travel Magazines:

1. National Geographic’s Traveler: Pro: Amazing photos. True to NG form, National Geographic’s Traveler has a lot of gorgeous pictures. Their photographers definitely seem to take pictures in documentary-style. Sometimes the pictures are so amazing I just want to rip them out and put them on my wall. The places they go to are amazing, but definitely not your typical travel destinations. Cons: Places that are not always easily traveled to. Some destinations are incredibly remote or unheard of.

2. Travel and Leisure: T & L is very traveler friendly. Pro: Informative. It shares a lot of information that most travelers need to know like different travel gadgets, traveler rights, insight into the travel industry. It’s a pretty good magazine. Con: For the ritzy traveler. I’m turned off by their constant need to showcase travel fashion. Seriously? Definitely caters to an audience of a higher income level.

3. Budget Travel: This is my favorite of the three. Pro: Informative and budget friendly. It provides a lot of travel tips from real travelers and offers pieces that are much more financially attainable for the masses. I’m not talking about Reno, here, but worldwide. It offers information about travel searches, Q & A, and even an entire section on the month’s best travel deals. Cons: Nothing!

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