I’m back! It was extremely tiring to travel from DC to Houston (layover) to SF to LA back to SF to Narita (layover) to Hong Kong to Macau to Hong Kong to Taipei to Hong Kong to Narita (layover) to SF to Houston (layover) then FINALLY back to DC. Wow. Looking at all those trips makes my head spin. Needless to say, my jet lag is HORRIBLE. Uh, can you say cold pizza at 4am? But, I’m BACK! and I had a ton of great adventures to share!

Surprisingly, one of the highlights to my trip was my 1.5 day trip to Macau! Considering that everyone who heard I was going described Macau as a dirty version of Vegas… uhhh.. SO not so! okay, maybe a little, but I had a great time! But first off…

How to Get to Macau from Hong Kong via Sea:

1. How to get there by sea: Getting around in Hong Kong is really easy, so I wasn’t that surprised that getting from Hong Kong to Macau would be any different.

  • TurboJet, New World First Ferry, Cotai Strip are a few of the ferry companies that will take you by sea. My experiences are with TurboJet, which I found to be really easy and runs almost like a 2nd rate plane boarding. Otherwise, buy ticket and 20 minutes before you board the ship. Pretty simple.


2. Costs: For appoximately $20 USD, you can book a ticket online or at the Shun Tak Centre in Hong Kong (MTR: Sheung Wan Station). If you use your Visa, you do get a little bit of a discount.

3. Standby: After seeing everything and eating everything we wanted to eat, we decided to head back to the Macau Ferry Terminal early to see if we can go standby back to Hong Kong. Apparently this is a very popular idea as there were lines and lines of people trying to do the same thing! Luckily Turbo Jet doesn’t charge a change fee and they basically have a ship sail out every 30 minutes. Horrah!

Additional Reading and Resources:

Getting There:

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