Part One: Macau: Walking through the Suburbs of Macau from Temple to Church

We got up early  a super rainy morning to finish our walking tour. So unfortunately, a lot of these pictures are really dreary looking! Oh, how I wish I was better with photoshop!

Macau Walking Tour (Part II):


1. Largo Do Senado: This town square is also known as the “Square of the Senate”. It’s a really gorgeous town square surrounded with very distinctive Portuguese architecture. It’s a great place to start.



2. Church of St. Dominic & Macau Cathedral: The Church of St. Dominic is gorgeous with stain class windows and icons of Jesus and Mary. The definitely represents the strong Catholic presents in Macau. The Macau Cathedral, on the other hand, is not as impressive, but it’s prime location is worthy of a quick stop. macau-ruins1

3. Ruins of the Church of St. Paul: The most famous tourist destination in Macau is the Ruins of the Church of St. Paul. Originally built in the seventeen hundreds, this Jesuit church burnt down in the nineteen hundreds and all that’s left is this amazing facade. We were able to climb to the to top and catch a breathtaking view of Macau.

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