My friend recently asked me what to do on a 10 hour layover in Taipei. While 10 hours is hardly enough time to experience Taiwan, I did offer up a few suggestions.


Things to do on a 10 hour layover in Taipai, Taiwan:

1. Taipei 101: For the sheer fact that for the next few seconds it’s the world’s tallest building (that is until Dubai finishes their building in which even Yao Ming is going to say… whoa.), Taipei 101 is one of those buildings that’s cool for it’s novelty effect of seeing people the size of ants. They have a very extensive food court from Shabu Shabu to Indian to the beloved KFC (apparently fried chicken in a bucket is universal). After, head up to the observatory for approximately $12 USD and get a view of all of Taipei and the Damper baby..


2. Xin Beitou: Just off a the MTR subway stop, Xin Beitou is known for their Japanese-style hotsprings. After a long plane trip, it’s nice to be able to soak in hot springs and relax. Be prepared to see lots of old naked saggy skin.


3. Shilin Night Market: If you happen to have a night layover, you must stop by Taiwan’s biggest and most well known night market. There you can do a little bargain shopping from clothes to phone accessories and eat tons of foods unique to Taiwan. For $12 USD, my bf and I went from stall to stall eating as if we were cows with 4 stomachs. Food is VERY cheap in Taiwan. If you don’t speak Mandarin, don’t be scared to order if you see something you want to try. Be friendly and point. Taiwanese people are generally very friendly.

Unfortunately, Taipei/Taoyuan Airport is roughly a 40 minutes drive into downtown Taipei. So even with a 10 hour layover, it’s very unlikely you will be able to do a lot. To save time, take a cab (set a price first, approx $9 USD per person). To save a buck, take the shuttle that takes you directly from the airport to Taipei Main Station (approx. $3.50 USD per person).

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