When my bf and I first met, we lived on opposite sides of the coast. So for the first 6 months, we were traveling back and forth every 3 weeks and got to see the inside of A LOT of airports. Did you know there’s a bronze statue of George Bush Sr in Houston International Airport? and Popeyes Chicken opens at 6 am in Atlanta? Needless to say, we signed up for a lot of airline frequent flier programs. The BF is really good at taking advantage of the miles and I’ve learned a few tricks from him too.

Getting the Most Out of Frequent Flier Programs:

1. Check with partner airlines: Over the holidays, I few with Continental, Northwest Airlines, and EVA Air. Although it was completely unplanned, it turns out that Continental is partners with both airlines! Can we say… major mileage? Since I’m part of Continental’s OnePass program, I’m getting a free ticket now! You can redeem mileage for past flights too. So it definitely pays to do a little research.

2. Earn miles by buying things through their website: Many airlines have partnerships with online stores. If you go through Continental’s website and visit stores likes Sephora, Target, Apple Store, you can earn miles per dollar spent. Granted it’s not a ton of miles, but it does add up and you might as well get miles if you’re going to buy that eye shadow anyway! (If you use a hotel card, like Starwood’s American Express, you can also earn points for hotel that way!)

Lots of airline programs are free, so it really doesn’t hurt to sign up for them. Even in this economy, it’s still possible to travel!

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