This past weekend, the BF and I took a weekend trip to the North Bay/Marin (north of San Francisico Bay Area, CA). Specifically, we went to San Rafael, Muir Woods, Point Reyes, and Hog Island. There’s no personal pictures for this trip, really, since we only had our camera phones (i forgot our reg point and shoot). It was a great weekend getaway and we were reminded by how beautiful California is. I don’t know why we ever thought we could live in DC somewhere else!

We actually decided to spend two days here since there was so many things we wanted to see and do. Between hiking between giant redwood trees bigger than skyrises, laying on a soft sandy beach, and shucking organic sweetwater oysters just pulled from the bay a few hours ago, it was a really great and relaxing trip. Also, for you organic-loving, sustainable farming peoples out there, this is also the home many small family sustainable, including Marin Sun Farms.

Day One:

muir woods(source)

1.  Muir Woods: We actually spent the night in San Rafael the night before so that we’d be able to have an early start. After a filling brunch at Comforts, we headed to Muir Woods for some morning hiking. There are easy to moderate hiking trails here. If you’ve never seen the California Redwoods, then this would be a great place to see it. $5.00 adults, Free for kids 15 and under.


2. Point Reyes: On our way to Point Reyes, we stopped by some fruit stands and picked up some local pickings. Luckily I had brought a baguette, tomatoes, and avacadoes before the trip (don’t ask, it’s my staple), and we pulled aside to an clif overlooking the beach and had a light lunch at a picnic table.  While driving through, a guy randomly jumped in front of our car and threw his wallet at us. Apparently, locals aren’t fond of people speeding, nor do they carry an expensive wallet. Either way, he saved us from a speeding ticket, since a CHP officer with a radar was 50 feet away from us. Thank you, Mr. Wallet-thrower! You’re a douche-bag, but you saved us $300. After driving through the park, we decided it was time to get out of the car. We pulled over, hiked half a mile to the beach, and hit Kehoe Beach. Not the most gorgeous beach, but with cute clover-eating cows on a cliff looking over you, and just a handful of people with their cuter dogs sprinked in, it turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip.

3. Sol Food, San Rafael: After, we headed back to our hotel in San Rafael and Yelped a place to eat. Sol Food serves the tastiest Puerto Rican food ever. A lively and colorful spot, it offers huge organic and free-range entrees for an incredibly reasonable rate. 2 people, 2 entrees + 2 non-alcoholic drinks = $30. Definitely try the Pollo al Horno (chicken). Delicious, favorful, and served with pink beans on top of rice.   732 4th St San Rafael, CA 94901

Day Two:


4. Hog Island Oyster Farm, Tomales Bay: The next day, we met up with another couple in Tomales Bay at Hog Island Oyster Farm to picnic/grill. Next to Point Reyes, Hog Island Oyster Farm sells bags of fresh oysters directly from their farm. It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Come prepared with an ice chest and a shucker ($15 at their store) and reserve a picnic table w/ grill early. $10 pp at their picnic site, or drive down more and find a nice picnic spot by the bay. Recommended x-small Sweetwater oysters. 20215, Highway 1, in Marshall, CA. 49 miles north of San Francisco, 10 miles north of Point Reyes Station and 23 miles south of Bodega Bay.

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