My wonderful BF plans a big trip every year for my birthday. As hard has he tried to keep it a surprise, I still found out a month before! Which, turned out for the best b/c it turned out to be a pretty intense and adventurous 7 day backpacking trip (and i’m not talking about those big packs, but rather a medium sized day pack!). We decided to travel light with only our backpacks since we’d be moving from hotel to hotel every day. For a seven day trip, it was extremely packed full of activities and I thought we really made use of our time there.

Seven Day Travel Itinerary for Lima, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu:

Day 1: Lima

Monasterio de San Francisco
Plaza de Armas
Jiron de la Union to Plaza San Martin
Barranco- night life

Day 2: Lima
Museo de la Nacion $2
San Isidro- Museo Rafael Larco Herrera $8
Miraflores- Mercado del Indios
San Isidro- Bars

Day 3: Cuzco

Breakfast in Barrio of San Blas- they have tasty tasty pastries in this area
Museo de Arte Pre- Colombino $6
Qorikancha $4
La Catedral $5

Day 4: Sacred Valley
Pisac- Pisac Ruins
Pisac market

Day 5:
Sacred Valley
Ollantaytambo- hike the ruins
Moray Terrace $1.50
Salinas- Salt Pans $1.50
Aguas Calientes

Day 6: Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes

Machu Picchu- All day
Aguas Calientes -in the afternoon
Cuzco at night

Day 7: Lima
Pachacamac 31km southeast of Lima Archaeological complex $1.70
Walk around

If we had to do this trip over again, we would’ve spent less time in Lima and more time in the Sacred Valley.

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