Look what I just got in my email!!! It’s so beautiful… *snif sniff* it’s finally getting more popular… Virgin America now offer’s WiFi on planes now!!!!

” How much does it cost to beam the Internet from space onto your 400 mph laptop?
$7.95     for handheld devices (regardless of flight time)*
$9.95     for flights less than 3 hours*
$12.95     for flights of 3 hours or more*
*Surf as long as you like. Battery life? A trifle. We have power outlets at every seat. “

Other airlines that offer it are AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines,Air Canada

This service is typically offered for longer flights. I can picture my Twitter messages now:

“10 minutes down. Guy next to me took the arm rest. Maybe if I cough he’ll think I have the swine flu. muahaha “

“12 minutes down. Decided that I need the upside down hanging tomato planter in the AirMall catalog.”

“37 minutes down. Baby two rows up won’t shut up. I need a $5 dollar shot of vodka. Exact change appreciated.”

“43 minutes down. Woke up and had to slurp up my drool. Good thing my mouth was open.”

“56 minutes down. 10 minutes of turbulence just made me shat my pants.”

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