When we were first driving to Bryce Canyon, I was pretty skeptical. It was a rainy and cloudy day and the drive near the park wasn’t particularly interesting. But when we got to Fairyland Loop, I was BLOWN AWAY. Bryce Canyon is definitely a must see! It’s a great place for hiking! Unfortunately, since it was so wet and muddy, it made hiking very difficult, but I’m certain that on a beautiful day these trails would have blown my pants off.

Hikes in Bryce Canyon:

fairyland loop

1. Fairyland Loop: A strenuous hike, this 8-mile hike is about 4-5 hours that circles the hoodoos. We really wanted to do this hike, but the wet rain made it a muddy mess! Our shoes were caked solid and the trail was too slippery to walk on. We tried though! The hoodoos here were so spectacular, I had no doubt that it would’ve been great. Other strenuous hikes: Peek-a-boo Loop Trail, Riggs Spring Loop Trail

Navajo Trail

2. Navajo Trail: This moderate hike was a lot easier to navigate through in rainy/muddy weather. It started with a crisscrossing trail down to the bottom of a valley. There, we were literally right next to the hoodoos! The vibrant orange/red sand surrounded us everywhere. It was amazing! Other moderate hikes: Tower Bridge, Hat Shop Trail, Swamp Canyon Loop Trail, Queens Garden & Navajo Combo

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