Zion National Park is relatively close to Bryce Canyon National Park, but it couldn’t be any more different. While Bryce had its beautiful hoodoos, Zion had magnificent mountains. I would randomly snap pictures on the camera while the car was moving and this is what I’d get:


Anyhow, we only spent half a day at Zion, so we did one hike and moved on. It was a gorgeous day for hiking! We huffed and puffed up Angel’s Landing, a 5-mile strenuous hike takes about 4 hours to complete.


Tips for Hiking Angel’s Landing

1. Strenuous– Angel’s Landing is mostly paved but can be difficult for people who are new to hiking. It can be very difficult on a hot day since it’s all uphill (duh). A lot of people stop at the landing right before the last half mile. It looks like a very daunting and slightly frightening vertical hike, but it really isn’t that bad. The most difficult part of it is navigating your way up in a single person pathway. Don’t be scared! The view is well worth it!

2. Water- Bring water. Bring lots of water. You’ll need it!

3. Bring a light lunch- The weather was so gorgeous and the view so breathtaking! I packed a very light lunch and we had a picnic on top of the mountain. Highly recommended.

One last picture: DSC00172


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