It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! Life was a little hectic in La La land, but everything has finally slowed down. I haven’t been traveling too much lately, but I have been able to enjoy a little bit of the S. Californian life. I’ll be posting on that soon!

There’s been lots of great deals lately. Every time one pops up, the BF and I look at each other and for a brief second there’s a silent understanding that one of us is going to leap across the room to grab out credit card and book it ASAP. But it seems to always end in sadness…. financially responsible sadness.

I saw this slide show on The New York Times titled: Why We Travel. Check it out. It’ll put the travel bug in you!

I thought about why I travel and it always comes down to a few things for me:

1. Gained Perspective: Whether it’s Baltimore or Cuzco, I always gain new perspective about life and the world around us.

2. The FOOOOD: Travel with an open mind and an open stomach, I say. Who knows, you might make a great memory or two. I once shared a bag of fried crickets with a few of my closest friends while driving down a dirt road in countryside of Cambodia. How’s that for a memory.

3. Unpredictable Spontaneous Life Changing Events: The BF and I actually met on vacation on a boat in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Sure, he had a terrible haircut courtesy of a local barber and ignored me for most of the night despite repeated attempts on my part to chit chat, but 2 years and 3 cities later we’re still together.

4. New Friends: I’ve found that travel is a quick way to make new friends. Whether through the travel adventures itself or through conversation. There’s been quite a few times where I entered a conversation with: “Oh! You’re going to…?”

5. The Fun Factor: Of course, traveling is FUN!!!! Whether it’s  sitting on a local tour bus with aging octogenarians in tour of Taiwan or searching all day for the best egg tarts in Macau, traveling is FUN. For me, I can never predict what my experiences will be!