Aloha! I’m in Maui right now wrapping up a 4 days trip out here with The BF. Strangely, it seems that The BF and I can never really have relaxing trip. For the four days, we woke up everyday at an obscene hour to head off to some adventure. Yesterday, The BF and I headed to Molokini for a 5 hour snorkling trip. I’ll save the information to that for another post, but let’s just say there aren’t many pictures since I was too busy doubled over the side railing spewing freshly churned  fish food off the side of the boat. Hey, anything to help the fish population.

Since a good number of the people on the boat were my new barfing buddies, there was a lot of seasickness tips being shared. Here are a few tips for the land animals headed out to sea:

1. Dramamine: I really hate to put this one up, since I took one and it FAILED me. But perhaps it saved me for a fate worse than barfing WHILE snorkeling. Yes, give The BF props for swimming through vomit. I’ll never ask for anything again. However, dramamine usually does help me a lot for air and car sickness.

2. Ginger: Someone had recommended something called ginger gravel (sp?) to me (can anyone tell me what it is?). I may be spelling it wrong, but that’s what it sounded like to me. She said that it was a good alternative to pharmaceutical pills. Other things like ginger ale and ginger candy were constantly being eaten on the boat.

3. Ice: It sounds weird, but sucking on ice helped me. One of the crew of the boat mentioned that it helped her. It helped me enough to stop barfing, but it definitely took a little while. Perhaps it was helping me cool down a little or just hydrating me, but i sucked down 2 cups of ice and i felt a lot better.

4. Eating breakfast: I ate a little bit before we set sail, but in retrospect I really should’ve eaten a good breakfast first. It sounds weird, but I think being on an empty stomach made me more tired and everything I barfed out was just juice and a tiny muffin. Sometimes dry heaving and bile is not the ideal choice in barfing.

5. Open air and horizon: After the 4th time I hurled, I sat outside at the very front of the boat and watched the horizon. This didn’t work for me initially, but after I got everything out of my stomach I was able to eat lunch and suck on more ice. Surprisingly, that really helped me enjoy the rest of my trip.

Here’s a great site that shares some seasickness prevention tips. Happy sailing!