We’re looking for fun, savvy, and well-traveled globe trotters to become part of the volunteer-based Wanderus blogging team!

There are three great ways to contribute:

1. Wanderus bloggers: Writers with charisma who:

  • can stylishly write short entries in the three-point format (as this one is).
  • is informative, yet provide a personality to their entries.
  • will share their traveling knowledge and pictures.
  • update frequently (at least once every two weeks)

2. Wanderus photographers: We need tons of pictures to show what we’re blogging about. We’re searching for camera lovers who:

  • are willing to share their great images (full credit will be given)

3. Guest bloggers: Just took a great trip? Share it! We love guest bloggers who will share their fantastic trip, tips, and pictures.

Contact us using the form below: