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The BF and I are in the midst of planning a road trip through Montana/Wyoming. More specifically, we’re headed to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park for hiking, nature-filled fun! We’ll be flying into the smaller Bozeman airport, as opposed to Billings. I’m super excited! The BF and I are really great road trippers. Road trips usually mean that we’ll detach ourselves from our phones (no service anyway) and our laptops (even now, we’re both sitting in front of separate laptops).  There’s going to be a lot of long drives ahead of us and we like to travel on a budget when we do road trips. So, today, I headed to my local public library and picked up some free travel resources!

Budget Tips for the Road Trip:

Audio Books: I’ve been on long drives where the scan button on the radio seems to loop and loop over and over before it hits a station that I absolutely can’t listen to anyway. Static is no fun. So, I picked up 3 audio books at the local library. I’ve heard this was a great source of entertainment on road trips so I’ll be trying it out. I love the classics. Don’t judge.

Guide Books: I actually didn’t even know public libraries had guide books until I saw a student who was working on a project with 3 Hawaii guidebooks. Luckily, I found a lot of great books on Montana and Wyoming. I picked up a copy of Lonely Planet: Yellowstone & Grand Teton and Frommer’s: Montana & Wyoming. Frommer’s is an older edition, but I figured that the information on the national parks couldn’t have changed much from year to year. After all, the mountains don’t move, right?

The cost of it all? NADA. NOTHING. ZILCH. ZIP. ZERO. Assuming that I’ll return it on time, I’ll have all of this stuff for 21 days!



I’m heading off to the great polygonal state of UTAH! this weekend. Recently, Allegiant Airlines had an amazing one day sale to a bunch of cities in the US. The catch? They were all really booney cities. Anyhow, The BF jumped on it while I was out on a quick errand and I came home to find a ticket confirmation to Grand Junction, CO sitting in my Inbox. Grand Junction, it turns out, it relatively close to a few national parks that The BF’s always wanted to visit. SO, this great Memorial Day weekend, we’ll be visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Natural Bridges National Monument.  With so much freaken nature, I set out to buy some bug repellent before I turned into a walking bug buffet.

The guy at REI was really helpful and recommended a few brands.

Bug spray options to keep those suckers off of you (not paid advertising, just wanted to share):

deet (source)

1. Ultrathon Insect Repellent: Originally, we were going to buy this product. The guy said it worked great and if we were going to the Amazon, we should definitely use this product. It also lasted 12 hours! He warned us that as soon as we applied it to make sure we washed our hands very carefully and be sure we didn’t get it in our eyes because DEET (an active ingredient) was a neurotoxin.



2. Repel Plant Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent: Considering the fact that I valued the last few brain cells I had left over (damn you early twenties me! why did you drink so much!), I opted for this plant based repellent. The sales rep assured me that it worked great (perhaps not as good as DEET is, though) but it’d serve our purpose. The down side is that only lasts for 6 hours and it smells very strongly of eucalyptus. So, I’m now upgraded from bug buffet to koala food.

3. Other methods: I’ve also heard of other methods of keeping the buggers away like avoiding using cosmetics with scents and perfumes. Listerine. Garlic. Sewing dryer sheets to the hemline of your pants. etc etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Additional Reading and Resources:

Protection against Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas and other insects and anthropods- CDC

10 Tips for Insect Repellent and Children- Kids Travel Doc

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